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All of our equipment is CE certified

  • We can supply a wide range of equipment within your emergency or temporary kitchen, see below for example equipment,
  • Kitchen Equipment
    Bain Maries, Bratt Pans, Burger Press, Cabinets, Canopies, Catering Urns, Char Grills, Chip Dump, Contact Grills, Cook Tops, Dishwashers, Fish Keepers, Food Processors, Fridges, Freezers, Fryers, Griddles, Grills, Heated Gantry, Hob Units, Hot Cupboards, Juicers, Microwaves, Mixers, Blenders, Whisks, Ovens, Panini Grills, Pasta Cookers, Pig Roast Machines, Plate Warmers, Potato Ovens, Prep Counters, Slicers, Stands, Thermometers, Water Boilers, Work Tops.
    Front of House Equipment
    Back Bar Coolers, Base Units - Heated, Bar Blenders & Drinks Mixers, Carvery Servery, Chest Bottle Coolers, Carvery Servery, Coffee Machines, Food Displays (Refrigerated, Ambient, Heated), Food Preparation Tops - Refrigerated, Gantries, Glass Front Fridges, Glass Front Freezers, Ice Cream Displays, Ice Crushers, Ice Machines, Juicers, Lamp Units, Merchandisers, Mobile Serveries, Multidecks, Potato Ovens, Prep Tops, Serve Overs, Soup Kettles, Trollies, Serving Trollies, Clearing Trollies, Water Boilers, Wine Chillers.
    Catering Equipment - LPG
    LPG Catering Equipment.
    Hog Roast Machines, LPG Water Boilers, Electric Catering Urns, LPG Griddles, LPG Fryers
    LPG Bain Marie, LPG Pie Warmer, LPG Gas Ovens, LPG Potato Oven, LPG Hobs
    LPG Gas Chargrills, LPG Gas Salamander Grills.
    Stainless Steel Catering Equipment
    Restaurant Sinks, Stainless Steel Kitchen Tables, Stainless Steel Shelving, Stainless Steel Shelf, Stainless Steel Worktops, Catering Tables, Stainless Steel Cupboards, Extraction Canopy, Commercial Stainless Steel Sinks, Catering Sink, Stainless Steel Commercial Sink, Commercial Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks, Catering Sinks, Stainless Steel Catering Table, Stainless Steel Kitchen Table, Stainless Steel Work Tables, Commercial Kitchen Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel Work Table, Commercial Extraction Hood, Stainless Steel Catering Tables, Stainless Steel Catering Sink, Stainless Commercial Sink, Commercial Cooker Hoods, Commercial Kitchen Sink, Commercial Kitchen Cupboards, Stainless Steel Kitchen Shelving, Stainless Steel Prep Tables, Catering Kitchen Sink, Stainless Steel Kitchen Shelves, Commercial Cooker Hood, Stainless Steel Kitchen Cupbaords, Commercial Kitchen Sinks, Kitchen Extraction Canopy, Industrial Stainless Steel Sinks, Catering Equipment Sinks, Stainless Steel Shelf Unit.
    Chefs Knives
    Chefs Knives, Hygiplas, Swibo, Sabatier, Sai Knives, Gustav Emil Ern, Sekiryu Knives, Victorinox, Wustof Trident, Global, Palette Knives, Knife Sets, Knife Cases and Holders, Steels and Sharpeners.
    Miscellaneous Utensils, Vegetable Peelers, Garnishing Sets, Scissors, Secateurs, Chopping Boards, Tongs, Spatulas, Mixing Spoons, Whisks, Scoops, Portioners, Ladles, Serving Spoons, Fish Slice, Pie Servers, Turners, Lifters, Colanders, Sieves, Strainers, Fry Baskets, Salad Spinners, Vegetable Slicers, Chippers, Shredders, Wedgers, Jugs, Sauce Dispensers, Pasta Machines, Cheese Graters, Cheese Wires, Tab Grabbers, Can Openers, Scales.
    Cookware & Bakeware
    Cookware & Bakeware - Stainless Steel Cookware, Non-Stick Pans, Black Iron Cookware, Classic Aluminium Frypans, Heavy Duty Professional Aluminium Cookware, Medium Duty Professional Aluminium Cookware, Professional Aluminium Bakeware, Baking Mats, Pasta Colanders, Half Pan Pasta Cookers.
    Buffet Display
    Platters, Plates and Bowls, Ladder Sets, Cereal Dispensers, Cake Displays, Cheeseboards, Cooling Displays, Bread Baskets, Wooden Chopping Board, Ice Cream Cone Stand, Ice Mould, Slate Presentation Boards, Buffet Trays, Canape and Hors d'Oeuvre Displays, Plate and Cup Carriers, Soup Kettle, Table Food Warmers, Chafing Dishes and Fuel
    Beverage Service
    Beverage Service - Dispensers, Tea and Coffee Sets, Cafetieres, Drink Dispensers, Airpots, Jugs, Mugs, Carafes and Pitchers, Sugar and Creamer Sets,
    Menus Holders, Blackboards, LED Signs
    Menus Holders, Menu Card Holders, Blackboards, Blackboard Markers, Menu Display Boards, Window Menu Display, Menu Frames, LED Display Signs, LED Shop Signs
    Catering Equipment by Brand
    Blizzard, Blue Seal, Burco Dean, Caterlux Hotcupboards, Ceado, Imperial, Infrico, Inomak, King Edward, Kromo, Lincat, Maestrowave, Merrychef, Metcalfe, Mondial Elite, Panasonic, Parry Catering, Red One, Rowlett Rutland, Sharp, Spitting Pig, Vestfrost, Victorian Baking Ovens, Waring, Whirlpool

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